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MediaBox HD app is free to use for everyone! VIP helps pay for servers and other costs.

No Advertising

Hide all advertising and sponsors throughout the MediaBox HD app.

High Priority Request

You'll be given high priority to support the movie request throughout the MediaBox HD app.

Using New Feature, New App

You'll get early access to things before they are released to everyone else. Your VIP membership will apply for all apps.

Priority Support

You'll be given priority to support the your request throughout the MediaBox HD app.

Dedicated Streaming Server - Fast Speeds

You'll be able to watch movies on a separate server at a faster speed.

Multiple Devices

MediaBox HD allows up to 5 devices to access an account at the same time.
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Fee-negative $0.34 for Purchase $1.00, it is too high so we will provide as low as $2 for 60 DAYS